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A New Coat For The Boss's Wife.

Posted on by Elliot Rowland

A New Coat For The Boss's Wife.

Over the years we have made for some very important clients, some more fussy than others, and none more so than June Rowland, head cutter Edwards wife.

As we are shut due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and things are a little quieter than normal, so Edward thought it was a good time to make June a new winter coat, with a few twists.

The first being the cloth, it’s from Holland & Sherry and their upholstery range, so it is extremely hard wearing and will hang beautifully. The color is also unusual, a pastel soft green color, which can easily be paired with different color garments and accessories.

The style is also unique with a shawl type collar and a double-breasted wrap to help keep you extra warm in cold winter months. The coat is full length which gives it an elegant look, it is something you can imagine our Queen wearing on a public visit.

Let us just hope June likes it.