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Gin and Tailoring

Posted on by Elliot Rowland

Gin and Tailoring

Well, we are still sadly locked down but with the UK leading the world in the vaccine rollout hopefully we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Doing fittings in the shop seems a very distant memory but we cannot wait to see you again.

Being a tailor, you build great friendships with your clients over the years and you learn a lot about them and in more cases than not see their businesses grow. That is defiantly the case with Shaun. Shaun first came to the shop 7/8 years ago for his first suit, a lovely grey heavy weight herringbone suit (in the photo below).

He has quite the eye for style, so when he first told me he was starting his own gin company called Ludlow gin, I thought what a great idea.

I’ve worked in Ludlow for over 13 years, I’m heavily involved in the community and made lots of great friends there Ludlow is famous for food: passionate producers, characterful bistros and restaurants, and epic festivals. I’ve seen the food scene grow and develop over this time; I spotted a gap and thought I could combine my passion for gin with my passion for Ludlow. It’s something new for the town I love, something that will spread the news that its a great place to visit.

Ludlow sits at the historical heart of the Welsh Marches, the borderlands between Wales and England. This region has been my home for the last 20 years; it’s an incredible place, from the rugged landscape of Shropshire, to the rolling hills of Herefordshire. Check out their website - If you have not tried any of them, you are missing out.

We can’t wait to see Ludlow Gin grow and hopefully with it Shaun’s Redwood & Feller suit collection.