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June & Edwards Summer Garments

Posted on by Elliot Rowland

June & Edwards Summer Garments

Looking back on happier times, we visited Sicily in September for a friend’s wedding. It really was a wonderful holiday. As it was the first and last time we were expecting to go abroad in 2020, I decided to make my wife and I some new garments.

For myself I made a two piece light blue suit, I love a blue suit normally I would go for a classic mohair, as learning the trade in the 60s on Carnaby it was the cloth you had to wear. But for this suit I went with a cloth from the Crispaire range by Holland and sherry, Crispaire is a traditional plain weave worsted fabric, constructed from a 2-ply yarn spun to a 36/2nm count. The fabric has a firm, round and crisp handle making it the ideal choice for a durable travel suit.

The style I went for was very classic, single breasted jacket with one button, I decided to have just two straight pockets with no out ticket pocket this time. The trousers are from my normal pattern, high waisted, ideal for use with brace buttons! As I get older comfort is very important, whereas Elliott still loves his fitted suits, but he has the figure to pull it off.

Now to my wife’s wonderful costume, again the cloth is from Holland & Sherry, in the Italian sun it really did look fabulous. Fatima who made the costume agreed with June to keep it simple, so went with a rounded collar and a straight front with a small vent at the back. The skirt is also a simple pencil stye.

And of course, we both had to match all our accessories.

Lets hope we get away more this year once the latest lock down comes to end and the vaccines are rolled out.

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