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Double Breasted Flannel Suit

Posted on by Elliot Rowland

Double Breasted Flannel Suit

A good tailor always keeps his chalk as sharp as the suits he creates. Why? Because one of the most important tools in any tailor’s arsenal is chalk, if you look after the chalk you will get results like this wonderful double breasted suit.

The fabric comes from our favorite wool merchant Holland & Sherry, we have been selling their cloths for over 30 years, they really do have something for everyone.

Also if you work in the West End of London and find if difficult to get over to our shop we can always use Holland & Sherry’s showroom on Savile Row to carry out fittings and start new commissions.

But back to this jacket, as you can see it’s light grey with a brown mix stag horn buttons we love the style, subtle but classy. The client went with a matching lining. We cut lovely wide lapels with a high arm hole. the pockets are straight with no out ticket pocket.

Even though London is in tier 3 Redwood and Feller will still be open.

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