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We Love Our Stylish Clients

Posted on by Elliot Rowland

We Love Our Stylish Clients

The choices made by the customers of Redwood and Feller really are testament to just how style savvy they are. Whether it’s the cut, colour, cloth or even the finer details – R&F clients know a thing or two about great style, elegant fitting and opulent detailing.

That’s the beauty of going bespoke - YOU dictate the style and not the other way around. Every detail is a decision, and where there is decision there is variety. And what does variety mean? Well, choice of course. YOUR choice.

We have some wonderful cloths on offer from some of the worlds best mills from Holland & Sherry, Huddersfield Fine Worsted and many, many more. What a lot of people forget is they need to choose their lining for the inside of the jacket as well. You can go as crazy as you wish from plain matching linings to wonderful patterns.

Don’t forget our annual 10% sale on all new orders is fast approaching. Due to the coronavurus we’ve extended it this year. It will start December 1st and run until January 29th. Give us a call for further information.

As always feel free to give us a call on - 0207 828 9519