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Wallace’s wonderful windows

Posted on by Elliot Rowland

Wallace’s wonderful windows

Once again the time has come around to redress Redwood and Feller’s famous window display. The wonderfully talented Miss Wallace has a great eye for design and has yet again laid her fair hand to R&F’s front of shop with spectacular results.

On this outing, she opted for a more contemporary, abstract theme, creatively mixing traditional tailoring with more modern garments that really show off R&F’s versatility and skill. The display represents just how adaptable the shop is, literally tailoring to a variation of client requests – requests that come from a wonderfully diverse group of clients that range from the older, more traditional base, to the younger and more flamboyant clientele (and visa-versa of course).

This ability to adapt is one of R&F’s great strengths and something that stands this small yet polished Pimlico shop apart from its somewhat elitist counterparts on Savile Row who nearly threw out a hip when the youthful American clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch moved on to the famously traditional Mayfair street.

Although R&F is first and foremost a traditional bespoke tailors of the very highest caliber, father and son team Edward and Elliot Rowland will never shy away from the challenge of a more modern cut and indeed a more eccentric pattern.