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Off to the races with R&F

Posted on by Elliot Rowland

Off to the races with R&F

There are few occasions left on the calendar that hold high expectations when it comes to a gentleman’s wardrobe. Of course you have special one off events - like a good wedding for example; or maybe even a special birthday - but it seems there are fewer and fewer occasions that actually warrant the opportunity for real sartorial style.

Thankfully, the sport of kings is still a permanent fixture that affords a gentleman one such opportunity.

And so to the Cheltenham races, the famous annual four-day horse racing festival that dates back to 1860 where Elliott and friends enjoyed a day out showcasing their magnificent redwood and Feller cut suits. The venue, people, atmosphere and social cheer make this a must for anyone who enjoys a day out in the fresh air. The equestrian theme, coupled with the time of year means there is no better excuse for breaking out one’s bespoke wardrobe and layering on those earthy tones. Think country gent when choosing your palette.

The chaps wear earthy tones to match the occasion

You may be surprised to hear that there is no official dress code at the Cheltenham event. However, gentlemen typically wear a suit or dress in a smart casual fashion as looking your best is a must. Since the race is largely during the winter months, the good ol’ British weather can be unpredictable, so it is advised to dress accordingly with heavier fabrics and plenty of layering.

Looking your best at the races is a must

The races are great for tweeds, corduroys, wools and even flannels. Wear them teamed with a shirt and tie with matching or mixer trousers and a beautiful waistcoat as Elliott did on this particular day. A scarf is always a strong look, as is a beautifully fitting bespoke overcoat or wax jacket for that real English countryside aesthetic.

If it’s really cold, be sure to layer with a quilted jacket. Also remember that you will be on your feet all day and so will need suitable footwear such as a comfortable and smart pair of brogues.