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A staple piece that goes over and above

Posted on by Elliot Rowland

A staple piece that goes over and above

A phrase ingratiated into the lexicon of men’s fashion is ‘Staple item’. In order to have a consistently sharp look, any man will need a list of key or ‘staple’ items populating his wardrobe, covering him whatever the weather, whatever the occasion. A well fitting pair of dark blue jeans, a crisp white shirt, a clean pair of black shoes etc, etc.

Right at the top of this list is a beautifully fitting overcoat, especially during the colder months. Whether it is worn for business or pleasure, a great overcoat is the perfect statement piece; instantly gift-wrapping any outfit in pure style and class.

Accessorised with scarves, hats, gloves, shoes - dressed up over a suit for the office, or more casually with jeans - the overcoat provides a great finishing touch. It’s this same versatility that makes the overcoat a true menswear staple as it gives its wearer a very masculine and in-control look.

Because the overcoat is such an important piece, it is crucial that it fits perfectly. Such a classic item deserves the Midas touch as an ill-fitting overcoat can give any gentleman a baggy, scruffy quality.

Thankfully at Redwood and Feller, Master tailor Edward Rowland, has over 40 years of experience cutting some of the world’s finest overcoats, cut from the some of the world’s finest cloths.

Take this stunning single-breasted, dark blue overcoat, Edward was recently cutting for example. Slightly longer in length, this Italian 100% cashmere garment has an inherently classic look that will not only last in style, but in quality too. A redwood and Feller overcoat is a true investment piece. Perfect for travelling to a business meeting or just a dinner date with friends.

There are a myriad of overcoat styles: the Chesterfield, the Polo, the Trench, the Paletot, the Covert - the list goes on. They all carry a differentiating nuance of cut and detail that are all worth exploring prior to having your measurements taken to ensure the cut is just right for you.

Once you have made your selection, you will likely find yourself unwilling to step foot in the cold without it. As a staple item of timeless style and quality, the overcoat really does go over and above any other piece in a man’s wardrobe.