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A woman’s touch for a lady’s choice

Posted on by Elliot Rowland

A woman’s touch for a lady’s choice

The misconception that bespoke tailoring is reserved purely for the chaps is a common one. It is true, of course, that the origins of the craft are routed in men’s fashion, but true quality, artisan cutting is still, after all, true quality artisan cutting. This has been evident in the amount of lady’s garments produced by Redwood and Feller so far this year.

A more masculine line in woman’s clothing has become more and more popular, meaning Fatima, R&F’s resident ladies-wear aficionado, has been extremely busy producing a beautiful range of garments for our female clientele. Currently, she is working on a very elegant pair of trousers, cut from a beautiful Donegal cloth.

Donegal is a hand-woven tweed made, unsurprisingly, in County Donegal, Ireland. While the weavers in County Donegal provide a number of different tweed fabrics, including herringbone and check patterns, it is best known for a plain-weave cloth with small pieces of yarn in various colours woven in at irregular intervals. Due to its colourful effect and robust nature, Donegal has long been a popular choice for suits, vests and most commonly, flat caps.

Many of R&F’s female clients tend to ask if they can have garments copied, whether it be from a magazine, photograph or even an existing garment they already own. Having a copy made is a great way for customers to get exactly what they’ve seen elsewhere, and even add their own spin on it. It’s a service that the team are happy to provide as it’s always nice to see exactly what a client is trying to create.

Just like our gentlemen clients, each lady has her own paper pattern cut specific to her. This pattern is kept on record forever so that the next time she comes in to the shop for a touch of bespoke, her measurements are ready and waiting because, as every gentleman know, you should never keep a lady waiting.