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The Fantastic Mr Fox

Posted on by Elliot Rowland

The Fantastic Mr Fox

Besides their beautifully cut suits, traditional aesthetic and meticulous customer care, Redwood and Feller are also known for stocking the world’s finest cloths. This couldn’t be illustrated better than here; in these two brown and red check flannel jackets, head cutter Elliott Rowland is cutting from the same Fox Brothers’ cloth, keeping a classic look with a modern twist. This style jacket has become very popular as of late. The reason? When it comes to flannels, the age old British institution known as Fox Brothers simply cannot be beaten.

Two jackets from the same Fox Brothers cloth

As the preferred flannel for generations of royalty, if you have not heard of Fox Brothers, you will most definitely have seen their cloths sprawled across the pages of history, earmarked under ‘iconic’. Winston Churchill’s archetypal Double-breasted chalk stripe suit was a Fox Brothers’ Flannel, as were the majority of Cary Grant’s suits at the height of his popularity. Fred Astaire famously wore Fox Brothers’ Flannel through most of his career, while the 1956 Hollywood classic the man in the grey flannel suit, starring Gregory Peck, solidified the west England mill’s status as a world leader in quality cloths.

Dating back to 1772, Fox Brother’s was conceived when the young Thomas Fox became a partner In his grandfather’s cloth making company, transforming it from a small cottage industry into the most successful family-owned cloth manufactures in the world. The fox family would go on to run the company for the next seven generations.

From the late 19th century, Fox Brother’s became increasingly focused on producing fabrics for the British military, developing a new cloth, known today as ‘Khaki’. Fox brothers also supplied over 8,000 miles of cloth to the British and Allied forces during the First World War.

It was actually Fox Brothers who first developed the Glen Urquart check, more commonly known as the Prince of Wales Check.

As Fox Brothers continue their 250-year stretch as one of the seminal iconic British textile manufacturers, Redwood and Feller are delighted to continue incorporating their high quality, natural wool fabrics in to suits that are quite simply, fantastic.