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R&F’s very own doggy door stops – now available

Posted on by Elliot Rowland

R&F’s very own doggy door stops – now available

When cutting patterns from the rolls of luxury fabric at Redwood and Feller, head cutter Elliott Rowland is extremely careful to limit the amount of wasted off cuts that ends up on the shop floor. That’s why each pattern block is delicately laid out across the cloth almost like puzzle pieces. But no matter how meticulous Elliott is, due to the complex shape of the patterns, off cuts are unavoidable.

K, R&F’s part time seamstress, had the wonderful idea of gathering up all these wasted off cuts and creating these very cool doggy door stops. They make perfect gifts and are a great little addition to anyone’s home.

Much like one of Redwood and Feller’s hand-crafted bespoke suits; these dog’s aren’t just for Christmas though. Due to the quality of the cloths used and the expert craftsmanship, you can rest assured that they’ll last a lifetime.

How much is that doggy? They are £75 and take just a few weeks to make.